Tennis Badges & festival badges

It’s that time of year again, the sun is blazing and the world has gone tennis crazy. Wimbledon is underway in London and the eyes of the world are flitting between London & Brazil for the World Cup. We always get into the Tennis craze at this time of the year and given that Vicki is Scottish & I’m English we have plenty of fun debating if Andy Murray is British or Scottish :)


We sell loads of tennis badges at this time of year. They are great if you are having a Wimbledon party. They are also used lots by schools as Tennis takes over in PE during the warmer months. They are only 85p each so make great little gifts or party favours. Who can resist some cheap pin badges.


Also at this time of year we are bombarded with festival goers wanting badges to complete their outfit. Be it Glastonbury, T in the park, Download or one of the hundreds of other summer festivals, badges are a cheap way of accessorizing and finishing off your festival outfit. We have over 6000 button badge designs to choose from and they are currently only 85p each so surely something for everyone.


Anyway the sun is calling, Wimbledon is on the radio and the sun loungers are waiting so it’s time to head home early and relax with a chilled glass of Pimms :)


Tennis Button Badges
We have a great selection of tennis badges for sale on our website. Currently only 85p each & perfect for Wimbledon.

World Cup 2014 Badges – The 2014 Fifa World Cup

It seems that the whole world has gone world cup 2014 football crazy. The world cup officially started yesterday and with so many countries involved in the tournament in Brazil it would seem we are involved in this spectacle. It’s been 4 years since the last one & it’s also been 4 years since our first 25% World Cup discount. We decided to run the same discount for this world cup. Use the code WORLDCUP2014 to get 25% off your button badge order. You need to spend more than £7 and it doesn’t apply to custom badges, but it gives you a great discount off any button badge order.


We have a great selection of World Cup badges, we stock most country flag badges but if you have a specific country flag badge you need & don’t see on the website drop us a tweet or email and we will get it listed for you. We also have loads of England support badges from St Georges Cross badges to 3 lions badges.


The discount applies to all orders, not just World Cup badges but we hope you pick some up while visiting the website. if you would excuse us it’s Friday evening, time to grab a cold drink & head into the garden with the radio for a wind down & perhaps to listed to some football as the sun goes down.


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This month in button badges May 2014

It’s been a busy month for us over here at koolbadges. We are in the process of finding new premises so we are working from a temporary workshop. It is much smaller than we are used to but we are making it work and actually finding that we are even more productive than usual.


We have also been talking with our web designer about re-branding the whole business. We have used this design and branding for a few years now and it’s probably time to freshen it up. This will mean a change to the website as well. Do you guys have any suggestions on what we should change and what we should keep?


This month has also seen us run various badge giveaways on the website. In the past month we have given away more than £200 worth of badges and vouchers. If you aren’t already following us on our social media accounts, give us a follow so you can take part. I’ll put the links to all of our accounts at the end of this post.


It must be wedding season as we have been inundated with wedding badge orders and hen do badge orders. We love making them and some of your nicknames for each other are hilarious. This month has also seen us making tons of custom badges. Again your designs get better and better guys. Keep them coming. If you didn’t already know you can use our design your own badge page and upload any image or design you like to be turned into badges. They start at £1 each but get as cheap as 40p each the more you buy.


We have lots of new designs to add to the shop so they will be coming soon.


You guys also wanted to know more about us a company. I’ve got a massive post about us to go live soon, it’s a work in progress but many people don’t believe the company is run by only two people. Vicki & me (John) do everything at koolbadges, from answering emails & coming up with designs, to making and posting out your orders by hand. This allows us to have a real connection with our badges and we know each and every customer and their order. We work hard to do our very best for you guys and appreciate each and every order you place. It really does make a difference to a small craft business like ours.


Also people forget that we hand make all of our badges right here in the UK. Many companies selling online outsource their work to cheaper countries or automate their process. We do it the old fashioned way with hand cutters and hand badge machines. It’s a lot of work but we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Anyway I’ll save the details for the next post. Tell your friends about us and spread the hand made love. We live and breathe button badges and hope you continue to love what we do and buy our badges.


Thanks guys & girls
John & Vicki


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Some recent badge orders.



Custom badges
Custom badges
Starfish badges
Starfish badges
Moustache badges
Moustache badges
Owl badges
Owl badges
Bowtie panda button badges
Bowtie panda button badges
Audrey hepburn hen party badges
Audrey hepburn hen party badges
Custom I Love badges
Custom I Love badges
Custom name badges
Custom name badges
Panda badges
Panda badges

Easter badges & Easter discount code

We love Easter here at koolbadges. We get to make some of the cutest badges during this time. Bunnies and chicks and chocolate eggs, oh my!

Each year we offer a discount code for Easter and this year is no exception. We find that a lot of kids browse the site during Easter and get their parents to order them some badges so if your kids are wanting badges use the code KBEASTER2014

Of course if you are like us (big kids) you can also use the code for yourself. It can be used for 15% off all orders but does exclude custom badges as these are already discounted.

Our badges are already in a 25% sale so this 15% off is in top of that. How Kool!

Below is just a small selection of our Easter badges. We have a great range and we would love it if you guys checked them out.

Happy easter everyone. Enjoy the holidays, go easy on the chocolate and enjoy the start of the sunny weather.

Vicki & John




50p Badge Sale – 50% Off All Button Badges

50p Button Badge Sale
50p Button Badge Sale

It’s one of those rare occasions where we reduce the majority of our button badges to 50p each. That’s 50% off over 5000 badge designs on our website. These sales are limited in numbers as all of our badges are hand made & the sales make us very busy indeed.


For the rest of today (Saturday 29th March) we will be running a 50p badge sale. It must end at Midnight GMT so please do stock up on Button badges and save 50% off our normal selling price.


Grab some bargain button badges. The sale applies to all badges except for custom badges & badge packs. There is no code to use for this one, the price reduction is site wide & available to everyone.

Easter Badges & Mothers Day Badges

Easter Badges
Easter Badges

Most people forget that we sell Badges for all of the major celebrations. Easter & Mothers Day are no exception. We have a fairly large range of both badges and they are great for kids school uniforms or as a little funny treat when you take your mum out on Mothers day.

Easter Sale 2014
Easter Sale 2014

Why not checkout our range. We even have a 15% off code running this year (although this can be used for any order, not just Easter & mothers day badges, but it doesn’t work with custom badges). Just enter the code KBEASTER2014 during checkout to claim your extra 15% off.

It’s also a really busy time for us in the workshop. We are in the process of finding a new workshop space & we need to find something a little cheaper. Maybe it will mean a move out to the countryside to work from a farmers barn or workshop. We are keeping an eye out & have a temporary setup in the meantime.

Easter Badges
Easter Badges

In the meantime we have thousands of badges to choose from & you can get a nice discount using the 15% off code mentioned above.

Vicki & John

This week in badges

It’s been another crazy busy week over here at koolbadges. We have Ben making absolutely loads of Easter badges and St Patrick’s day badges, thanks in part to the 15% off code we have been running. If you didn’t already know or aren’t on our mailing list we are offering and star 15% off orders with code STPAT2014 – enter the code during checkout for your discount.

We have been making tons of other badges too. We must really be getting into wedding season as the amount of hen, stag and wedding badges we are making are ridiculous. We spent 2 whole days last week only making hen party and wedding badges. They always make us smile.

We have been making loads of custom badges as well is week. Some amazing designs have been ordered and we find it really refreshing to see what you guys come up with.

The koolbadges workshop premises is also on the market as we will be relocating soon. We have no idea where to yet but we are on the move again. So far in the past 6 years we have been located in Manchester, St. Helens, Dundee and Cornwall. We will keep you updated but our work won’t slow down, we have temporary headquarters in the meantime until everything is finalised so it’s business as usual.

We are heading to Manchester this weekend for some crafty inspiration and to speak with some of our wholesale customers. We love getting feedback on what their customers like and which badges they would like to see more of. Do you guys have any weekend plans?

Finally if you don’t already, give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or join our mailing list.




This week in badges

It’s been a busy week over here at koolbadges, and we are only on Tuesday. Early this week we started our St Patrick’s day promotion and an email went out to all of our newsletter subscribers. You can get an extra 15% off your order by using the code STPAT2014 during checkout. This applies to all badges with the exception of custom badges.

We also finished off sending a ton of Valentines day badges out. Some people left it right until the last minute but many people where whisking their valentines away so they still had time to receive their love badges.

Alongside all of that we have been making a ton of custom badge orders and wholesale badges. We supply our badges to a whole host of shops all around the world. If you are interested in stocking our badges do get in touch and we can give you a bulk discount. They sell really well when put in a jar on your counter or checkout. Urban outfitters stocked our badges this time last year and we felt a great deal of pride visiting the London and Manchester stores and seeing all of our hard work.

It’s been crazy long days so far this week and we reckon it will be like that for the next week or so while we get up to date on orders. We also have a trip to Scotland scheduled soon and a change of premises for our workshop. More details about that soon.

Until then I’ll leave you with some pictures of our recent orders.










Wedding badges

We do a great range of badges for weddings. We sell a lot of badges for use as wedding favours and table plans & they are ideal to customise with the names of your guests. We also produce a lot of badges to match wedding invitations and they can be a great addition to your invite as a save the date or a bit of fun.

Our wedding badges are complimented well by our stag and hen party badges. They are great fun and such a cheap way to make everyone smile.

So if you are planning a wedding why not buy some badges. They are a lot of fun and a great ice breaker for your guests. Below are a few pictures of recent orders.







Gay, lesbian LGBT badges

We have been making a lot of rainbow badges over the last few months due to the horrible scenes over in Russia and the start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. We hate to see any kind of up injustice or discrimination in the world over here at koolbadges. Luckily a badge is a great way to show your support for a cause to everyone who comes across you. Be it political, ethical or opinion, it can be conveyed well through a button badge.

We have a fairly large selection of gay pride badges and supply a lot of shops around the world with our badges. Below are just a few of our recent orders. You can grab your own badges in our sale at the moment for 70p each.