Wish we were back there

A couple of weeks ago we went to Newquay (Cornwall) to celebrate one of my bestest friends 29th Birthday (Emma). We were VERY lucky as we have perfect sunshine for the whole time. Blue skies and sunshine, simply amazing. Its a great part of the country, laid back and relaxing. Just what we all needed.

We camped in John & my 4 man tent, John was camp cook & made sure the kettle was always on. Em & Andy went to St Ives for the day to explore, whilst John & i took a walk of the coastal path around Newquay. We also discovered a really cute bar/restaurant right on the beach, where we all got drunk and watched the sunset. There was also alot of reading & snoozing done on the beach, not to mention eating Ice Cream, cream tea & pasties!! ... Continue Reading

That Friday Feeling

Moo Cards

I am excited today as i have had a delivery of MOO cards. They are BRIILIANT i love them (is that wrong?). I keep getting them out of their little box and looking at them and packing them away again …. then getting them out & packing them away. Anyone else have MOO cards and love them? I chose a set from a really cute artist.

So all orders will receive one, i might have to order some more so i can keep a set!
We have been working on new badge packs in the koolbadges workshop and have quite a few new ones to list. So keep your eyes open for them. ... Continue Reading

A quiet day … at last


Me and John made a pact this morning, to have a lazy day. We have been doing so much packing and rushing around. It was time to take a minute to relax and catch up on some TV and reading. So John had a few NASA documentaries he has been looking forward to watching (he has a real obsession with all things space at the moment) … it must be a man thing. So whilst he watched those i read & snoozed on the couch BLISS

So not much to report from the house of koolbadges today, only that we had a great bulk order for some strawberry badges. I wonder if they are for some Wimbledon fans???
Strawberry anyone? ... Continue Reading

What day is it

That’s the problem when you work from home, you forget what day it is & what the date is. I have had to invest in a calender so i can write up important dates and appointments. That way i can keep an eye on the important stuff.

We ran a free shipping weekend on the site and it was super popular so it has been extended until midnight tonight (GMT). Although lookout for it returning in the future as we will be running it again.

The countdown to the move in date is in full swing. We are trying to do a little bit of packing and cleaning each day, so the task isn’t so huge. As we are trying to get alot of badges made and shipped at the same time. In the midst of all the boxes and piles of things to pack, these are keeping me feeling like there is still a spring in my step ... Continue Reading

Lazy Sundays

Some tea for me

Well when its a F1 weekend, i potter about the house doing bits & bobs and John settles down on the leather couch to watch an afternoon of Motor Sport. Thats how its always been (come on Massa).

So we are just up and i have to say its a very windy morning, not looking forward to venturing outside today. Might just hide in the workshop today and keep busy. I might need plenty of tea and cake to get me through what i believe is going to be a busy day of making badges

We have been contacted by a cute shop asking to sell our badges, we are super excited about this and will tell you more once the deal has been finalised. ... Continue Reading

Friday came round quick

This blog is dedicated to my bestest friend Emma & for all those people that work crazy hours. Emma has been working for herself for a month or so now, and has had a freelance job these past few weeks. They have had her working until 4am how mad is that. She is super tired and deserves not only a bonus but a holiday. Love you Emma & all the other artist’s out there that work hard and get little reward x

Me and my yummy husband have been out and about in the sun today. Thought we would take our little red machine (VW Polo) for a drive and soak up some rays, as we never know how long the sun will shine for. We never have two days the same in the UK, sun/rain the weather is so unpredictable. One thing i know for sure is that the car is in need of a clean, so many dead flies on my number plate. Thats a job for the weekend. ... Continue Reading

oh my

It’s been a busy 3 weeks since i quite my job to badge full time and i thought i would have more time on my hands to do all those things you long to do when your at work – like reading, baking and watching bad TV. I have to say that these have been the craziest 3 weeks in a long time.

First we headed up to Scotland to spend time with my family, as my older brother & his girlfriend have just had a baby girl (too cute). We spent 5 days with them. After that we came home to Manchester for a night, to pack up our camping gear as we were off to Cornwall to see our friends Emma & Andy (for Emma’s 29th Birthday). We had such incredible weather down there, that myself & my husband John decided to stay on a few extra days. It sunny and relaxing i wanted to stay so much longer. ... Continue Reading

Phew, busy weekend

We at koolbadges had a busy bee weekend, both with the badges & visiting friends.

One of our best friends has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl – Ji-Sun & so we drove from Manchester to Cambridge to spend the day with them and our other best friends Andy & Emma. Its a 400 mile round trip, we were tired when we got home, but it was well worth it. Ji-Sun is a little honey & we hope to see alot more of them. Just wish the weather could have been a bit nicer. But then again we are in England & we should be used to crap weather by now. ... Continue Reading

Long time no Blog

Its been a wee while to say the least since my last Blog entry. I guess alot has happened. I wont go in to too much boring detail, lets just say that John (my husband) & i are now officially full time badge makers. Its really exciting & we have got so many ideas & plans. Its great to be your own boss & to have more time to spend together.

But its not all play & no work i can assure you! koolbadges has been busier than ever in 2008. We have secured some exciting wholesale contracts & have almost doubled the amount of badges we offer in the on-line store. My hubby has also made a great custom badge option for those people that want to upload their own art work to be printed on to their button badges. Its more of a hands on approach for our customers & have proved to be uber popular & we have had the opportunity to make some really great custom badges. ... Continue Reading