Tuesday night = pub quiz night

Tuesday night has become pub quiz night, our local pub The Seven Stars has a weekly pub quiz & its super popular with the locals. We have a team of 7 (we need all the brain power we can get), its a great laugh & thankgod we don’t take ourselves too seriously, as we are no where near winning. Hey its just a bit of fun i say.

Some of the teams, no names will be mentioned take it VERY seriously & i don’t even know how they come up with the answers to some of the questions.

I am off to a party in Manchester tomorrow, i will be meeting up with all my old work mates, i am really looking forward to it. I hope BEV has her drinking hat on. Should be a great night. Manchester is always a good night out. ... Continue Reading



We are having a clear out in the koolbadges studio & are having a Monday SALE day. For today only.
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So if you need any badges for presents, party’s or just for yourself then today is the perfect day to bag a bargain. See you over at the shop.

Oh and can you believe the sun is out again today.

Gone Home


Our guest have gone home, back to London. They have a busy few weeks ahead as they are moving house and in London thats a really stressful thing to do. John & me are hoping to go down and help them with the move. Its always nice to visit London.

We have had a lovely weekend, the weather was amazing, uninterrupted sunshine the whole time. So we spent most of our time out and about in beer gardens. We did squeeze in a little culture, as we visited the Antony Gormley exhibition, it was so good. There are 40000 little terracotta men all set out in a hall, all looking at you. Its really strange, well worth a visit.
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I told you i am addicted


…. to Moo cards!!!!!! I have bought some more & i LOVE these ones lots and lots!

Mooooooooo Cards are the best

My good friend & old work buddy Bev (aka Beverlarrrr) is going to love these!! Happy Friday to you all. As you know i have house guests this weekend, Emma & Andy are driving up as i type. So i have to go and make up the spare bed and make some tea.

Love to you all x

News from the workshop


We have been keeping these a secret

Scrabble Earrings

Scrabble tile earrings, they are super fun. It was my friend Emma who gave me the idea, i hunted in the charity shops for some scrabble sets & my husband got out the drill and we made some last week. We LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! They are now for sale over on our koolbadges site, what do you think? You can have any letter you like, i want V & B so hands off.

phew i think that’s enough excitement for one day.

Ding Dong

We had visitors today, Smit & Hayley were in town from Wales and popped in for a cup of tea and a slice of John’s birthday cake (which is YUMMY & Chocolaty). That’s one of the reasons for moving from Manchester, the fact that no one visited & we didn’t really visit anyone, but since moving we have been inundated with friends & family coming over. We love it & John is the best host 🙂

It was nice to catch up with Smit & Hayley, they are planning their wedding and are really under way with the final details, sounds like its going to be a great day. I have never been to a wedding apart from my own, i am waiting for Emma & Andy to get married so i theirs can be my first one!!! ... Continue Reading

25th Birthday


Today is John’s 25th birthday, so we have had alot of visitors this morning! I don’t feel so good & haven’t for the past few days. I have a head cold, all blocked up & have earache 🙁

I am trying my best to be cheery today & made John hot cross buns & a cup of tea in bed. We are thinking of going to he beach today as it is meant to be sunny and warm all day.

Happy Birthday John x

We also have visitors this weekend as Emma & Andy our VERY VERY good friends are coming up from London to stay for the weekend. ... Continue Reading

Out and In

That’s what i have been doing today, going out & in. We took some lunch round to John’s nan, as she hasn’t had chance to get out to the shops as she has had to stay home to look after Boris (who is doing a little better). We took her the yummiest pies from Pimblett’s Bakery they do THE best Meat & potato pie. So we spent the morning there eating & talking.

Then we realised we forgot the washing (we have no washing machine at the moment), we take our washing round to John’s nans house (very kind of her to let us use her machine), so we had to go home & get the laundry and take it back to her house & go to the post office to post a mountain of badge orders. ... Continue Reading

Boris Update


Well Boris has been aloud home, he is still really ill, but the vet has said that he can be cared for at home. He is really weak and cant stand up for long. He needs his strength building up. They have said that he is old now and might not have long left. But the main thing is he is home & thats where he wants to be, as the vets makes him scared. Im sure its the same for all pets, none of them want to be at the vets, much leats stay there over night.

Smiles all round

Another Sunday dinner invite for John & I, his aunt is cooking a lamb roast (Johns favourite) so we shall be going over there this afternoon. ... Continue Reading