Finished my book, badge sale & Happy Friday


Its our 3rd wedding anniversary today and so we are just off out for a walk and up to our favourite country pub for a meal. I finished my book today, i haven’t been able to put it down, it was a wonderful story. I have to find something else to read now.

We have a sale on in koolbadges for the weekend. Spreading the love.

Happy Friday

Stationary Is my first LOVE


Those who know me well, will know that i simply love stationary. Pens, pencils, paper, card, cellotape anything and everything to do with stationary! I have found the cutest eco friendly stationary website. How cool and most importantly FUN (for me). stubbypencilstudio it says its for kids, but that’s just not fair!

Be sure to check them out. Happy bank holiday to you all. Lots of sport this weekend in my house, with the Olympics coming to an end 🙁 and the street circuit F1 race in Valencia. Its going to be an action packed weekend. ... Continue Reading

Team GB & Reading


I have tried to take a bit of time off over the past few days, as i have been making that many badges my arm hurts a little. So i have done alot of reading and finished a great book that my friend Paula bought for me last Christmas and hadnt got round to reading it.
Valley of the Dolls

Its a great read & i highly recommend it. Its a cult classic. I am looking for what to read next. Any suggestions?

I have also been cheering for team GB at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and we are doing so well. Loving the Athletics and the Equestrian sports, oh & the swimming was great too. Infact its all brilliant. COME ON TEAM GB.

Lots of new badges have been added to the site this week.
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What will the weekend bring?


We have been invited to the pub tonight & i really need & deserve a BIG drink. I have a sore elbow, i have been making that many badges.
We had an order from a great organisation Trees for Cities. Be sure to click on the link and go see what they are about! So we did their order in double quick time, as they need it for a charity event they have planned for next week (good luck with that).
Tree Hugger

Bike Badges

Go Green

Think Green

I have my fingers crossed for a nice sunny weekend. All those people that are off to V festival i’m jealous! Hope its a good one. 🙂 ... Continue Reading

Rain = Long days in the koolbadges workshop


My hasn’t it been raining for days now! Its dark & dull outside my window, but i have been mighty productive in the koolbadges workshop over the past few days. Oh & i made some really lush yoghurt out of my raspberries that i picked last week, i have loads, so i will be eating it for the next few weeks!!!!

Its the pub quiz tonight, we have to beat last weeks score of 35.5 out of 50 (yes the .5 is very important).
Hen Party Badges

Love is all you need

I’m off to watch some more of the Olympics. Happy Tuesday to you all
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