Busy day tomorrow

John (my lovely husband) is handing in his thesis tomorrow – for his Masters. He has been working on it since May. We are getting up bright and early so we can go and have it bound (2 copies) and hand it in to the university. Then it will be the end of another chapter, its been a stressful year & i think we will both let out a big sigh of relief tomorrow!. He has to wait a little while on the results, but i have every faith that he will get his MSC, he has worked hard enough.

Oh & we are having lunch at Wagamama to celebrate, its my fave place to eat and since leaving my job (which was next door) in May i haven’t eaten there, oh no wait that’s a little lie, i went with my friend in Cambridge. Well lets just say i haven’t been back to this one since leaving my job. So i am already thinking about what i am going to order!!! I might get something new …. yeah right!!!! ... Continue Reading

Spooky goings on at Koolbadges


We are busy getting ready for Halloween. We have had a lot of orders already. So we are trying to stay on top of the orders. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween over at koolbadges & it seems that our customers do too. We are sending out a free Halloween badge with every order from now until Halloween!!!

Check out our Flickr page for recent orders. We update it regularly.
Halloween At Koolbadges

Indian Summer & more house guests

What a beautiful week we have had, lovely long warm summer evenings. Its so nice to get out and about when its warm and dry. Make the most of it. That’s what i say!

So our good friends Emma and Andy headed home late on Sunday evening. g. We had a great lazy weekend. Catching up & watching movies. No rest for me and John though, as no sooner had Emma and Andy gone home, that my mum and auntie came to stay (and are still here) they are heading home on Monday. We have been really lucky with the weather! We went to Croxteth Hall in Liverpool we have a great time. ... Continue Reading

Guests & Badges


I shouldn’t really be on the computer as we have guests, Emma and Andy are up for the weekend from London. We have been out and about most of the weekend, but the men have put on the Grand Prix, so the girls are off out to the craft shop (very excited about that).

I have been busy making badges, even tho we have guests. Koolbadges waits for no man!!! We have customers that need their badges on the double, so i have been making alien badges for most of the weekend,
Aliens Waiting to be made in to badges
... Continue Reading

Have we lost anyone to the Black Hole yet??


Today they turned on The Large Hadron Collider they so if anyone has felt a bit odd that might be why 🙂 Aliens might visit us tonight, or we may get swallowed up by a black hole.

I’m really fascinated by the whole thing, its taken over 20 years to build & so many of the worlds leading scientists have worked on it. The whole world is watching closely im sure (i know i am)

Here are some facts about it

> Its the largest machine in the world
> Its the fastest racetrack on the planet
> Its the most powerful supercomputer system in the world ... Continue Reading

Birthday Lunch

Today we have a birthday lunch to go to, but John hasn’t really got much time to spare as he has a presentation next week at the Uni for his thesis and then the final hand in date is only 3 weeks away. So he is working morning noon & night on it. Which means i am making badges by myself, its hard work!!! I hate putting the backs in, as your hands get so dirty off the copper, that’s normally John’s job.

So we are off to Manchester on Tuesday, so John can do his presentation & we are going to make a day of it and go to the Museum of Science and Industry its great fun in there. If we have time i want to also visit The Manchester Museum (they have frogs & snakes on the top floor & i LOVE looking at them). I will take pictures! ... Continue Reading

How can it be Wednesday already?


I have been submerged in a see of badges! Koolbadges has been off the chart busy. So many Hen & Stag party orders a few kids birthdays and then the usual orders from the site. I took 35 parcels to the post office today to send out to all the wonderful koolbadges customers. So if you bought badges over the past few days then they are on their way to you right now.

Our office looks like a train went through it. I really have to clean up and try and organise it.

Found this cool photography sight. I love the abandoned pools series.

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