New Book


I seem to be on a reading frenzy at the moment i am finishing books in super quick time! I am starting a book i have been saving up for a while. I am excited to start this one, my friend has said i will really enjoy it, so tonight with out delay i shall start The Other Boleyn Girl. I know it has been made in to a film but i always like to read the book before i see the film. I will let you know how i get on. Then i might rent the movie.

Lost is back! (my husband shouts)


Yes i watch Oprah, Project Runway & ANTM. My husband can’t stand those shows. He watches LOST!!! I tell you that show is LOST on me! I have tried to get in to it, and some of the characters are hot, i give you that. I just can not tell you how excited he is that the new season of LOST has started. It’s quite funny. So i have made him some LOST pin badges, they are in the shop to buy too.

We have been invited out for tea tonight! I’m excited. We also have the quiz too. So a busy evening for us. Will let you know how we get on at the quiz. ... Continue Reading

Monday catch up


Monday has been a bit of a catch up day, we had alot of badges to print, make & take to the post office. So thats all the news from koolbadges, we have just got our nose to the grind stone.
We watched the new Colin Farrel film, In Bruges. It is VERY funny. Not my normal film choice (John picked it). Although i would recommend it. Irish accent kills me every time.

We get asked to do quite alot of School badges. Esp for end of term, teachers like to give their pupils a keepsake. I wish my teachers gave out badges. I would have loved it. ... Continue Reading

Dog Sitting


We have been making many a Valentines Badge in the koolbadges workshop today, but we have to pack up slightly early as we had to Dog sit, remember Boris?

He isn’t too well, so when John’s nan goes out for an evening we go round to keep an eye on him. He is quite a character (and a little smelly). She was kind enough to make us a Hot Pot, which was simply delicious. It’s always nice when you don’t have to cook yourself it always tastes better.

So that was our Saturday, nothing exciting, but we got the jobs done. So I’d say that was a successful day.
My friend Emma has just come back from France snowboarding, so am catching up with her today. She was hoping to be snowed in, so she could stay longer. No such luck. ... Continue Reading

Longing to feel 100%


We are still not quite 100%. John is coughing and i am just feeling tired. We haven’t been this ill ever. So in a bid to feel fighting fit i have stocked up on veggies, fresh juice, chicken and lots of fruit. We are going to get some fresh air and go for a long walk. John always says that we have our business meetings outside whilst we are walking. We always seem to talk business, well i can think of no better place than outside in the fresh air. There some lovely places to walk here.

So i am making a big pot of soup as we speak, its simmering away, and OMG does it smell so good.

I have started a new book, ‘Rooms of Dust‘ anyone read it. I am enjoying it so far. ... Continue Reading

These boots were made for walkin’


I have found these so very nice boots online. I simply love them & want them in equal amounts. I have no birthday coming up & Christmas is behind us, so how can i persuade my extra lovely husband to get them for me? Suggestions, i must have these boots.

Boots are from

Oh John update- we went to the NHS walk- in center yesterday, as he was really hot and we couldn’t get his temp down. The verdict was, he has a nasty viral infection for which no drugs will help. They said lots of rest & honey, lemon & hot water is the ticket. Oh & some paracetamol. He has been suffering esp with his sinuses they are blocked and sore 🙁 I have to say the walkin center was great, we waited 15mins to be seen by a nurse then only a further 5 to be seen by a lovely lady doctor. What a great service we have in the UK! So it gets a massive thumbs up from us
He does feel slightly better today and we have been out for a walk in the winter sunshine!!! I think we are on the road to recovery. ... Continue Reading