I had to get an emergancy appointment at the dentist this morning, never a nice thing. So i have been drilled & x-rayed today, im not feeling 100%. They have fixed the problem but i have to go back for further treatment 🙁 there goes my holiday money.

Koolbadges is as busy as ever. Keeping me out of trouble & my mind of the dentist!

Badges Sent


The koolbadge work shop is full steam ahead this week, John & I have been burning the midnight oil. Here are just a few orders that i manages to snap before they were packaged up & shipped out.

Still lots more to do, so no rest for us.

School Leavers


I have been asked alot this year to make special custom badges for students leaving school. Their teachers are after some little keepsake that they can hand out to their students. I think its a great idea.
Wow what a super windy day out there today. I was blew up the street with all my parcels to the post office. Bring back the sun, i like that best of all 🙂

Off to carry on making badges, whilst my husband cooks some diiner.

Bare walls need art work


I have been browsing the web, yes i know i do that all day most days. But i was actually looking for something. I was on a mission as it were! So i came across Blanca Gómez work quite a while ago in the form of Moo Mini cards (am so addicted to those). Then yesterday i discovered that she has an Etsy Shop
. I am now considering which of her prints to purchase to put on my wall, that are so in need of brightening up.
Mademoiselle under the rain print

Monsieur IV Print

Monsieur III Print
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