Spreading the Badge love with a 50p SALE


There is nothing like that Friday feeling & we certainly have it here at the Koolbadges Workshop. So it has been decided that we will spread our Friday feeling throughout the nation & indeed the world by having a huge 50p SALE. So get in quick and bag a bargin, if you have any birthdays coming up, Hen Parties or just want a pin badge for yourself there are over 2000 designs now.
That means there has got to be something for everyone.
Some badges we have made this week

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Browsing the net


I think people are really getting into buying handmade & straight from the seller. They like to know who has made their items & cuts out the middle man & means that the seller gets 100% of the profit. Whic i simply love. I can’t get enough of handmade & try where possible to purchase handmade items.

I came accross this Japanese inspired digital collage on Etsy & if you love scrapbooking & crafting as much as me then you will appreciate them too.

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