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I think it was last week, we went to a really cute fishing town near where we live Megavissey. We had Fish & Chips, had a walk around the narrow cobbled streets & on the way back to the car spotted a little craft fair that was taking place in a church. I purchased some hand cream & this extra cute Hen (called Gurte).

She is made from a vintage table cloth! She was made by Claire Maxwell & you can visit her blog here.

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I Love Tea Badges

So its been a while since i posted here so i am going to do a few update posts to let everyone know whats been going on. its been a BUSY BUSY couple of months.

So first things first. Me & my hubby packed up our Freelander & moved from Scotland Back to the North West of England in Januray. Trust us to move during what some may say was the worst winter Britain had seen for 30 years. The snow was MENTAL. Our trusty Freelander ate it up & John (hubby) was great behind the wheel.

From the North West we carried on making badges & saving our pennies as we had a plan (not telling you what that was, not just yet).
Here are a few badge orders that were made …..
I Love Tea Badges

Love Hearts Badges

General Election Badges
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