e.l.f 50% Makeup SALE

Ok so i discovered e.l.f about 4 months ago, they are a low end makeup company — when I say low end I mean in price not in quality. Their price point is so affordable you are able to try makeup you might not usually be able too — like I have discovered mineral foundation & eyeshadows also their primer is amazing too.

I understand that their products may not be great for everyone but they have alot of YouTube videos & blogs written about colour swatches & their products, i recommend you look for them before purchasing Foundation as their swatches on the site are a bit off. ... Continue Reading

My new hideout

Ok so if i am not making badges (which is my full time job) then you will find me at my new favourite hideout. Its a cute place call T Ann Cake — an extra special cafe with a retro feel. It reminds me of my grans kitchen, full of chairs & tables that remind me of her house. Also they play some great music, a mix of 60’s & 70’s tunes.

The people are super friendly & even more important their cakes are out of this world delicious. They are all baked on site at the cafe & have a real grown up feel to them — one of my most enjoyed so far is their Guinness cake. Here are a few pics from my recent visits. ... Continue Reading

Busy Making Badges — Thats what we do

118 Custom Badges
118 Custom Badges

We are still in Scotland & will be for a couple more months, then on to house/flat hunting in Manchester. Looking forward to being back in the city, we have missed the hussle & bussle so much. We want to be in our new place in plenty of time for the Christmas Badge rush.

Here is a round us of the badge orders i remembered to photograph. I always seem to forget.

We have had quite a few orders & enquiries for Halloween & Christmas Button Badges, so get in before we get super busy. It pays to be prepared (i need to remember that too). ... Continue Reading

Instagram Addict

A Sunny Evening in St Andrews

OK so if you have an iphone & do not have Instagram then i think you have either been asleep for 100 years of living on the moon. I am so addicted to it. It lets you take pictures & edit them – with all kinds of filters & colours.

Here are a few of mine. Mostly badges, but hey i am a badge maker.

So i urge you to get Instagram & add me. Its a fun easy way of making your photos look cool.