Put the kettle on

I had grand plans for blogging in December, i was going to Blog about some of my gift purchases & decorating the tree, lots of Festive bits & bobs, that has so not happened. I have been really ill this past week. A stinking evil cough has taken over my chest & is not budging.

Along with the non stop coughing i have been overwhelming busy on the badges. This is our 5th Christmas doing the badges & we have never been this busy. We are stunned & very gratefull for your support & for purchasing from koolbadges — We are working day & night to get your orders out to you, just give me a wee bit of grace as i say this cough has been evil. ... Continue Reading

iPad 2 Giveaway on Honey Bee in the City Blog

So a fellow blog writer & all round lovely lady is running a competition on her blog to win an iPad 2. WHAT A PRIZE, right!

The model being given away is a 16GB Wifi model in White. It’s a great prize & very easy to win, visit her blog at http://honeybeeinthecity.blogspot.com/2011/12/december-giveaway-apple-ipad-2-16gb.html to see the entry requirements.

The iPad 2 is a great bit of kit, especially for anyone running a blog or online store as it allows you to work on the go. The competition is open to people worldwide so spread the word & enter. Somebody has got to win it so what have you got to lose? Goodluck :o) ... Continue Reading

Fighting off a cold

Just stubbed my toe, bloody sore too.  It’s a fitting end to a damn busy week. The Badges have been MENTAL!  I’ve been trying to keep a cold at bay. My throat is scratchy and sore. I hope that’s all and I’ve managed to fight it off.

We are putting up the Christmas tree tomorrow. So Christmas will really feel like its on it’s way. I have finished my Xmas shopping. I like to get it finished before the shops get crazy & the post goes tits up. All that needs to be done is to buy the Christmas dinner. Oh and i have my fave Christmas movies at the ready – Home Alone, Elf, Die Hard, Edward Scissor Hands and Love Actually. What are your fave Christmas movies? ... Continue Reading