Round Up

This week

So tomorrow is the first day of Feb & as i said in my last post i will not be sad to see the back of January, i felt that i was really struggling to get going & i am hoping Feb brings me a little more get up & go. If you have any spare send it my way – along with chocolate cake :o)

Here is a round up of some badges & things that i have been up to this past week.

We love this time of year as we get to make lots of Hen Party & Wedding Badges – Feb & March seem to be a really popular month for weddings. If you are getting married & have a Hen Party / Stag Party coming up then we have a great selection of badges that you can customise. ... Continue Reading

Fun Finds

Ok so we are now officially into 2012. The month of January has flown past us. We have been in a blur of hospital visits, car repairs and tax returns. So nothing all that nice so far. To say we are ready to see the back of this month is an under statement.

February is my 13yr anniversary with hubby John <3 We are hoping to nip off for a few days somewhere, but we will see as best laid plans at the moment never come about.

I have been so distracted lately browsing the wonders of the web & have found some fun things i thought i would share. ... Continue Reading

Hand Made Valentines Day Cards – Our Favourites

We are quite involved in Valentines Day from a badge perspective as we process loads of orders every year for Valentines Day badges. However we often forget to participate in the holiday so this year we have started shopping early for Valentines Day things. Here are just a few of our wishlist items, we will whittle it down in the next few days but couldn’t resist sharing these finds with you all. Support Hand Made products & give the high street card & gift shops a swerve this year. ... Continue Reading

Monday Madness

Thanks so much for the sweet words & positive comments about my dad! Although progress is slow he is continuing to improve. There is still no movement in his left hand side & will be going back into the operating theater to put a plate in his skull — but the rehab center he is in is really good & they are pushing him everyday.

We have had a great response to our Valentines Badges & that’s great. Keeping us busy in the workshop. Does anyone have any cute plans for the 14th. I may be planning a small trip away for my hubby. It will be our 13 year anniversary on the 18th of Feb so i will do something for both. ... Continue Reading

Koolbadges train keeps a rolling – although changes have had to be made.

It has been a crazy month or so since my dad went into hospital with a stroke. The recovery is still in progress and we are having to be extra crafty with our time management to process all your orders & spend time at the hospital. This means a few things such as the blog & twitter updates have been scaled back to make sure we can still process all our orders, however we are working hard to get back upto speed so thanks for sticking with us.

We are still receiving a ton of orders from you guys, which always makes us happy, and some of your custom badge orders have been awesome. From company logo badges to custom art & illustration badges, not to mention birthday badges & hen party badges, you have kept us really busy and constantly amazed with your designs. ... Continue Reading


OK — so since my last blog about wanting to do some festive blog posts alot has happened but not alot of blogging thats for sure! Im not going to say too much as its not really the place but i just wanted my readers to know that i have not disapeared & am still here.

My dad who is 53 had a massive stroke on the 14th December we were told he might not make it. As a result of the swelling on his brain he had to have an emergency operation on his brain & they have removed part of his skull. His stroke was on the right handside & so has effected his left side. He has no movement in his left side. He spent 4 days in Intensive Care & then back to the Stroke ward. He has made such a dramatic recovery from the surgery that has amazed all the staff — he is a tough cookie, thats for sure. ... Continue Reading