Guilty Pleasures

So i know that everyone has them, be it music thats embarrassing, TV shows or food that maybe you shouldn’t eat. For me its TV shows, i love love love bad TV. Like Keeping up with the Kardashians, Bethenny Ever After, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I know i know trash TV, right! I can’t get enough. I call it brain dump TV.

I relax for however long the show is on & thats hard for me as i’m not someone who takes time out or relaxes for long periods. My mind works over time and working for ourselves and from home it’s even more difficult to shut off from work and do nothing. These shows have been been great for 20 – 40 mins of doing nothing. ... Continue Reading

London Bound

We took 4 days off last week and headed to London to support my little brother who was running the London Marathon for the 3rd year in a row. My husband and mum came too. it was nice to spend some time away from work and the stress of my dad (who had a stroke in December).

I love visiting London and this time was no exception we had a great time & did a whole lot of eating, shopping and sight seeing.

My brother, Gary was running this year for kids with Cancer & is hoping to raise £1500 he is still fundraising — despite having a knee injury he completed the Marathon in a personal best time of 3:34 mins. We are so proud of him. ... Continue Reading

London Baby

We have been working like crazy this week trying to get up to date on orders, as koolbadges is taking a trip to London to cheer my brother Gary on in the London Marathon. This is his 3rd year running and was hoping to beat his BP of 3:45 But thats looking unlikely after picking up a knee injury just 2 weeks ago. He has been seeing a physio and will have his knee all strapped up for the race, so keep your fingers crossed he does well. This year he is running for kids with cancer

Wer are there from Friday till Monday. Staying at the APEX – we have stayed there before and its in a great location and the staff are super friendly. I plan on shopping up a storm i have a long list of places i want to go. If anyone has any recommendations for great shops let me know. I know i want to go to Monki, Muji, Happy Loves It also plan on doing some makeup shopping at Mac. ... Continue Reading

Easter Catch Up

We tried to take a few days off over the Bank Holiday weekend, but anyone that is self employed will know thats easier said than done! We spent as much time as we could with family and ate as much choccy as we could – the weather made it difficult to do much outdoors stuff. But all in all we had a lovely but busy Easter. Although we didn’t manage to take the whole 4 days off, we had alot of express orders to make so that kept us busy in the studio.

One thing we like doing whilst we make badges is watch movies, TV shows and documentaries. It helps pass the time and keeps the old brain ticking over too. One thing we watched the other day was the James Cameron documentary on the Titanic called Titanic Final Word. National Geographic had 2 nights dedicated to Titanic programmes as its 100 years since the Titanic sailed. The James Cameron documentary was so good, he has dedicated much of the last 10 years to collecting info & footage of the wreck. He has personally been down to it on many occasions. Its fascinating to see it lying at the bottom of the ocean. So we have been watching alot of Titanic programmes in the koolbadges studio, i am really interested in it all. ... Continue Reading

Four Seasons in One Day!

I woke up to snow yesterday, in fact i will go so far as to say it was a blizzard in Scotland. What a stark contrast with the weather we had just a week ago. I was sat in a beer garden reading my kindle with factor 50 on my face for protection against those pesky UV rays, so i remain wrinkle free for a few more years. I have had to dig back out the winter coat and all my winter accessories. I was soooo looking forward to wearing my new flip flops too :o(

You can tell Britain has a busy year ahead, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee & The Olympics — we have been selling Patriotic Badges like hot cakes. Lots of Union Jack Badges & Crown themed badges. Do you have any Jubilee parties planned? ... Continue Reading

Badges and Sunny Weather Don’t Mix

How hard is it to be cooped up in your studio when people are out enjoying the sunshine, having BBQ’s and long afternoons in the beer garden. We have been busy making badges — lots of fun Custom Badges and Hen Party Badges. You have been keeping us up late at night badging away.

We have managed to soak up a few rays as we have been walking to the post office, on a few occasions we have even had an ice cream en-route. But I have heard on the grape vine that this unseasonably glorious weather is not to last. Do we expect anything less in the UK. We know that sunny days are few and far between and that our jumpers / jackets can never be put away. Either way i love the spring i get in my step when its warm and bright. I am going to try and enjoy it. ... Continue Reading