This Past Week in Badges


Here is a roundup of this weeks badges — If you have purchased badges from us we would love it if you left us feedback –> here :o)

We are packing up some winter bits to pop them in our storage unit (i miss mu furniture so bad) whilst we are in Manchester seeing Guns and Roses at the end of May. Really looking forward to this.

I Love Biology Badges, Learner Hen Party Badges, Computer Badges, Stag Party Button Badges

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Getting all Patriotic for the Olympics and Jubilee

Union Jack Patriotic Badges
Union Jack Patriotic Badges

I am loving all things red white and blue & Royal related as i said in my last post. It’s hard not too really with every shop having their own take on it. There are so many cute and fun products being released with union jacks on and the queen. From biscuits to beauty they are all getting in on the action!

Here are a few badges that we have made that would be perfect for any Jubilee or Olympic parties

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Diamond Jubilee Cup and Saucer
Diamond Jubilee Cup and Saucer

Oh my whats happening to me, i seem to be on a Jubilee buying spree. I am not even a huge fan of the Royals. Not either way. But i can’t seem to walk past anything red, white & blue or jubilee related. Is this happening to you too?


I have been signed up to GlossyBox for 6 months now and thought i would say a little about it. For those of you that aren’t aware of what GlossyBox is, it a monthly subscription where you receive 5/6 high end beauty samples in a cute box. They are for you to test and if your impressed you can purchased the full size. Often you get quite good discount codes within the box for the the full size item. Last months box was a Harrods Special and was pretty amazing, next months box is meant to be another extra special one as its GlossyBox’s birthday. SO i am excited to get that one. ... Continue Reading

Hospital and Post Office

I go between the Post Office, my office and the hospital all day everyday. My dad is making a good recovery (from a major Stroke) it’s slow by its going well. I am quite tired this week and have come down with a nasty head cold. Im trying to do a little mind over matter and work through it, but boy this crappy weather is not helping matters.

My dad is going in for some surgery tomorrow to replace the paart of his skull they removed to ease the swelling. I am not looking forward to that (as im sure he isn’t too). ... Continue Reading