August button badges

August has been a crazy month over at Kool Badges Button Badges. Understandably one of the quietest months of the year due to the fact that everyone is away on holidays, we have been surprisingly busy. There is always something to do when you run a small business, from administration stuff to writing emails, sitting & making badges, coming up with new designs & maintaining all of our social media accounts. Between a couple of people there is always something to be done.

We have been receiving so many amazing custom orders this month. Some of your artwork is amazing & always makes for an interesting badge making day. We are also gearing up for the annual Kool Badges summer break. At that time we close the workshop for a whole week (which for anyone who knows us, either personally or as a customer will realise is a long time as we are nearly always working & available). We really enjoy being in the workshop & working with all of our wonderful customers but we really need a holiday this year. 2014 has been our busiest year to date and as a result we are in the process of moving to new premises. Hopefully we will also be able to bring a few more people on board to help out with the work load & grow Kool Badges even more. This will include bringing more things in house, improving our array of printing gear & introducing some new presses into our fleet of badge machines. Don’t worry though, our epic customer service won’t change, our aim to respond to most emails within 20 minutes will remain our top priority & we will continue to hand make all of our button badges right here in the UK with locally sourced parts. We will also ensure that everything we can re-use or recycle will be reused and recycled. ... Continue Reading