Halloween badges for a spooky October 31st 2015

Halloween badges are some of our most popular products here at koolbadges. Every year we seem to make more & more halloween badges for our regular customers. Many people don’t even think of badges when it comes to Halloween costume planning but they are great to pin to school uniforms & work clothes. It is much easier to wear a badge on your shirt than to sit at your desk dressed as a ghost or zombie!

Halloween badges also make great trick or treat gifts. Hand them out to the children who knock at your door along with sweets & chocolate as an extra special treat. ... Continue Reading

Kool Badges has Relocated back to Cornwall

Long time customers & followers of Kool Badges may remember a few years ago we lived down in Cornwall & operated Kool Badges from our workshop on the mid cornwall coast. We where forced to move away for a number of personal reasons but we are now happy to announce that we have returned to the same village we lived in a few years ago. The village hasn’t changed much & they still do a lot of filming here (the village is Charlestown, Cornwall). Last time we lived here they filmed Dr Who & a few hollywood movies. This time it seems that Poldark fever has taken over. We saw them filming just last week. ... Continue Reading