Small Business Saturday 2015 – Support Kool Badges

Small Business Saturday 2015 - Kool Badges

Small Business Saturday 2015 – Kool Badges

It’s the 7th December 2015, it’s a Saturday & all around the UK today it’s Small Business Saturday. The hope is that today, you will choose to shop with small businesses and support them in the run up to Christmas. So today, buy your coffee from an independent coffee shop, buy your lunch from a local bakery, deli or restaurant & buy your hand made presents & stocking fillers from Kool Badges Christmas Badges.

It gets harder & harder for small business to compete with large companies. We don’t have the money to float us through quiet periods like huge companies & we don’t have unlimited advertising budgets to take out glossy magazine adverts & TV spots. ... Continue Reading

Kool Badges has Relocated back to Cornwall

Long time customers & followers of Kool Badges may remember a few years ago we lived down in Cornwall & operated Kool Badges from our workshop on the mid cornwall coast. We where forced to move away for a number of personal reasons but we are now happy to announce that we have returned to the same village we lived in a few years ago. The village hasn’t changed much & they still do a lot of filming here (the village is Charlestown, Cornwall). Last time we lived here they filmed Dr Who & a few hollywood movies. This time it seems that Poldark fever has taken over. We saw them filming just last week. ... Continue Reading