oh my

It’s been a busy 3 weeks since i quite my job to badge full time and i thought i would have more time on my hands to do all those things you long to do when your at work – like reading, baking and watching bad TV. I have to say that these have been the craziest 3 weeks in a long time.

First we headed up to Scotland to spend time with my family, as my older brother & his girlfriend have just had a baby girl (too cute). We spent 5 days with them. After that we came home to Manchester for a night, to pack up our camping gear as we were off to Cornwall to see our friends Emma & Andy (for Emma’s 29th Birthday). We had such incredible weather down there, that myself & my husband John decided to stay on a few extra days. It sunny and relaxing i wanted to stay so much longer. ... Continue Reading

Phew, busy weekend

We at koolbadges had a busy bee weekend, both with the badges & visiting friends.

One of our best friends has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl – Ji-Sun & so we drove from Manchester to Cambridge to spend the day with them and our other best friends Andy & Emma. Its a 400 mile round trip, we were tired when we got home, but it was well worth it. Ji-Sun is a little honey & we hope to see alot more of them. Just wish the weather could have been a bit nicer. But then again we are in England & we should be used to crap weather by now. ... Continue Reading

Long time no Blog

Its been a wee while to say the least since my last Blog entry. I guess alot has happened. I wont go in to too much boring detail, lets just say that John (my husband) & i are now officially full time badge makers. Its really exciting & we have got so many ideas & plans. Its great to be your own boss & to have more time to spend together.

But its not all play & no work i can assure you! koolbadges has been busier than ever in 2008. We have secured some exciting wholesale contracts & have almost doubled the amount of badges we offer in the on-line store. My hubby has also made a great custom badge option for those people that want to upload their own art work to be printed on to their button badges. Its more of a hands on approach for our customers & have proved to be uber popular & we have had the opportunity to make some really great custom badges. ... Continue Reading

Flickr Accout

We at koolbadges have started a flickr account so we can take pics of the badges we make. Esp the custom badges. We have been getting increasing requests for custom badges. So pop by & have a look, its only in its early stages & we have a lot of pics to add so bear with us while we add them.

We have also been adding alot of new badges & some of our customers have started emailing over their suggestions! We love to hear from you & many have been made in to badges & added to the site. so keep them coming, ... Continue Reading

Halloween Is almost upon us


So i have been a little quiet over the past few months. The shop has been super busy. We have had more people from Europe purchasing badges & alot more Americans. So ists great to see people from outside the UK purchasing our badges.

Halloween is almost upon us, koolbadges has a Spooky/Halloween range of badges so pop on over & check them out. They would make a great trick or treat present! Dare to be different.

Hope to see you all soon. Spread the badge love.

New Business Cards

Its been a busy few days in the shop with the arrival of the happy rejects! They have been so popular. They are so cute & i have heard on the grape vine that there are going to be some more characters added soon. so keep checking back. We are planning a trip to visit my good friends Emma & Andy in London for the bank holiday weekend.

I have decided to drive down ARRGGGHHHHH. so a bit of a road trip. Really looking forward to that. I love visiting London, so much to see & do. They have the best Forbidden Planet & Emma knows all the cute little markets & shops. I will no doubt spend a fortune. ... Continue Reading

Happy Rejects


My very bestest friend Emma Barratt has designed some CUTE badges they are called the happy rejects. I know they will be great sellers on the site. They each have their own personality & you can either buy them on www.koolbadges.com or visit their home at www.happyrejects.co.uk Let me know who your favourite happy rejetct is.

Mine has to be Cookie Head. She is a bit of a rock chick & i have a soft spot for birthday boy too

Big Orders

We have been busy bees this weekend, printing, cutting & making badges. We have had some big orders from Holland & America. So that has kept us busy ….. oh & not to mention the dreaded trip to the post office. This is always an experience. The queue is always huge & the post office is the hottest place on earth, full of weird people & your always met by the most unfriendly unhelpful person at the counter! So thank god its over for another week.

Here are some pics of the badges we have been making over the weekend. Oh & hello & thanks to Jenny for being our first ‘Blog Comment’ Message me me your add on Myspace & let me know what badge you want… because there is a free one coming your way Woooo Hoooooo ... Continue Reading