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Kool Badges started life back in the summer of 2005. John (Mr Kool Badges) was at university studying web development & needed a website to practise his skills. Vicki (Mrs Kool Badges) was a creative soul working in a shop in Manchester & needing an outlet for all of her creativity. During a trip to San Francisco in 2006 we saw someone making badges with a small hand press & the seed was planted. When we got home, we started working on the website & designs and ordered a badge machine from Germany. The rest, as they say in the movies, is history.

In the last 18 years, our small website & family badge making business has grown, slowly but surely. We have met some amazing people & have thousands of long term customers who have been with us from the start. Each year, more amazing people find our website & many have become friends.

We now have in excess of 8500 badge designs available on the website & make thousands of badge orders each year. We send our badges all over the world & are always excited to see them in your social media posts (yes, even after 18 years we still get all excited). From small orders for individuals, to larger orders for business & schools, we still love to make your badge orders & connect with you all.

The site has grown & evolved over the years & has become busy enough to warrant its own server. Managing the website alone is a full time job for Mr Kool Badges. Mrs Kool Badges is always busy in photoshop, coming up with new designs & commissions for people who want something a little different. If you want her to come up with a design for you, please do get in touch via email using our contact page or social media.

After 18 years, it’s safe to say we know the world of 25mm Button Badge making inside & out. Kool Badges has always been on the move & over the years we have been based out of Manchester, Liverpool, Dundee (Scotland) and right now we have a small workshop on the Cornish coast.

We're also eco-conscious. We recycle our workshop waste & power our workshop using wind & solar power from Octopus. Mr & Mrs Kool Badges are both Vegan, and from our packaging to our process we really try to be as friendly to the environment as possible.

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Mr and Mrs Kool Badges
Mrs Kool Badges (Vicki) & Mr Kool Badges (John).

Just to give you an idea of the size of our badges check out the example below:

25mm Badge Size Guide

All badges are made by hand

All badges are still made by hand & the process feels very organic .

Please check out our badge range & consider placing an order, safe in the knowledge you will be shopping small & supporting an independent small business.

Button badges are a highly collectable round badge with a plastic coating over a design or image. They often have a metal pin back or a safety pin style back. The most popular size is 25mm (1 inch) but the badges can range anywhere from this size right up to 120mm badges. This style of badge is often given as part of a birthday greeting such as a birthday card.

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badges safely received. Thanks They're great

Bunny Badges

The bunny badges were a HUGE success. You rock!

Very happy customer!

Very impressed on service and quality of badges. Also thank you Vicky for youur help much appreciated. The children will love them!.