Hand Made Christmas 2014 – Vélo Culture

Every day leading up to christmas we are going to try and feature a Hand Made product or seller right here on the badge makers blog. If you want to recommend someone to us please do get in touch.

First I’d like to introduce you to Vélo Culture run by Bev Blakeman from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. We found Vélo Culture a few months back and ended up doing a hand made swap (badges for a wash bag) and this little wash bag has travelled the country & the world with us already. ... Continue Reading

August button badges

August has been a crazy month over at Kool Badges Button Badges. Understandably one of the quietest months of the year due to the fact that everyone is away on holidays, we have been surprisingly busy. There is always something to do when you run a small business, from administration stuff to writing emails, sitting & making badges, coming up with new designs & maintaining all of our social media accounts. Between a couple of people there is always something to be done.

We have been receiving so many amazing custom orders this month. Some of your artwork is amazing & always makes for an interesting badge making day. We are also gearing up for the annual Kool Badges summer break. At that time we close the workshop for a whole week (which for anyone who knows us, either personally or as a customer will realise is a long time as we are nearly always working & available). We really enjoy being in the workshop & working with all of our wonderful customers but we really need a holiday this year. 2014 has been our busiest year to date and as a result we are in the process of moving to new premises. Hopefully we will also be able to bring a few more people on board to help out with the work load & grow Kool Badges even more. This will include bringing more things in house, improving our array of printing gear & introducing some new presses into our fleet of badge machines. Don’t worry though, our epic customer service won’t change, our aim to respond to most emails within 20 minutes will remain our top priority & we will continue to hand make all of our button badges right here in the UK with locally sourced parts. We will also ensure that everything we can re-use or recycle will be reused and recycled. ... Continue Reading

July badges

July has been a busy month for Kool Badges. We are in the process of relocating our premises so we have been running a 65p badge sale to help with the cost of moving. July and august are quiet months anyway as everyone is out in the sun enjoying themselves & generally putting the holidays to good use. We can’t complain, we are doing the same. We will be closed for a week in August for our annual Kool Badges break. We are heading to Europe & spending a week in Amsterdam. It’s one of our favourite cities & is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. We keep getting tempted back for another visit year after year. ... Continue Reading

I Love Badges

I Love Badges are so popular. We make loads of I love badges. Naturally we love badges, we spend all day designing & making them for you guys but did you know that you can make an I love badge say anything you like? If you Love dogs or football, cars or cycling. Whatever you love, you can enter your text in the box on our custom I love badge page and add it to your cart. You can do this as many times as you like to make loads of unique custom I love badges.

We already have a load of I Love badges but it’s impossible for us to list badges covering everything you love. So we came up with the custom I love badge maker. Give it a try. For a limited time only all of our badges are reduced to 65p each, including the custom I love badges so head on over, have a play & order some unique badges. ... Continue Reading

Cheap Button Badges ahoy

Well July is the month of cheap button badges over at Koolbadges. We have various promotions running across out entire range of badges, from the 65p sale that is currently on now to an upcoming giveaway for hitting 10,000 followers on Twitter.

People always ask us for cheap badges. It’s hard for us to do often as we are still a family run badge company, hand making all of your orders. Whenever we run a sale it’s manic and it takes us many extra days to process your orders. The last thing we would want is for people to spend ages waiting on their badges. ... Continue Reading

Tennis Badges & festival badges

It’s that time of year again, the sun is blazing and the world has gone tennis crazy. Wimbledon is underway in London and the eyes of the world are flitting between London & Brazil for the World Cup. We always get into the Tennis craze at this time of the year and given that Vicki is Scottish & I’m English we have plenty of fun debating if Andy Murray is British or Scottish 🙂

We sell loads of tennis badges at this time of year. They are great if you are having a Wimbledon party. They are also used lots by schools as Tennis takes over in PE during the warmer months. They are only 85p each so make great little gifts or party favours. Who can resist some cheap pin badges. ... Continue Reading

World Cup 2014 Badges – The 2014 Fifa World Cup

It seems that the whole world has gone world cup 2014 football crazy. The world cup officially started yesterday and with so many countries involved in the tournament in Brazil it would seem we are involved in this spectacle. It’s been 4 years since the last one & it’s also been 4 years since our first 25% World Cup discount. We decided to run the same discount for this world cup. Use the code WORLDCUP2014 to get 25% off your button badge order. You need to spend more than £7 and it doesn’t apply to custom badges, but it gives you a great discount off any button badge order. ... Continue Reading

This month in button badges May 2014

It’s been a busy month for us over here at koolbadges. We are in the process of finding new premises so we are working from a temporary workshop. It is much smaller than we are used to but we are making it work and actually finding that we are even more productive than usual.

We have also been talking with our web designer about re-branding the whole business. We have used this design and branding for a few years now and it’s probably time to freshen it up. This will mean a change to the website as well. Do you guys have any suggestions on what we should change and what we should keep? ... Continue Reading

Easter badges & Easter discount code

We love Easter here at koolbadges. We get to make some of the cutest badges during this time. Bunnies and chicks and chocolate eggs, oh my!

Each year we offer a discount code for Easter and this year is no exception. We find that a lot of kids browse the site during Easter and get their parents to order them some badges so if your kids are wanting badges use the code KBEASTER2014

Of course if you are like us (big kids) you can also use the code for yourself. It can be used for 15% off all orders but does exclude custom badges as these are already discounted. ... Continue Reading

50p Badge Sale – 50% Off All Button Badges

50p Button Badge Sale
50p Button Badge Sale

It’s one of those rare occasions where we reduce the majority of our button badges to 50p each. That’s 50% off over 5000 badge designs on our website. These sales are limited in numbers as all of our badges are hand made & the sales make us very busy indeed.

For the rest of today (Saturday 29th March) we will be running a 50p badge sale. It must end at Midnight GMT so please do stock up on Button badges and save 50% off our normal selling price.

Grab some bargain button badges. The sale applies to all badges except for custom badges & badge packs. There is no code to use for this one, the price reduction is site wide & available to everyone. ... Continue Reading