Busy badge Making Month

Sorry we haven’t been updating the blog too often, it’s been a really hectic few months. July is normally fairly busy but this year it was insane. Got to thank all you badge lovers for that.

We are normally inundated with people buying badges for their summer holidays but this year we have sold so many different designs it’s been a really pleasant change.

Another thing which seemed to keep us busy this month was the introduction of our new mailing list. if you arent already on it sign up at https://www.koolbadges.co.uk – you will see the signup box in the sidebar. We changed how we send out our newsletters & it would seem so many more of you received it this time & used the discount code. If you didn’t receive it please check your junk box or try signing up again. We offer upto 50% off badges with the newsletters so well worth it. Over 200 people took advantage of the discount code & it kept us busy for weeks.

We seem to be extra busy with Hen Party badges as well. I’m not sure if we have been featured in a newspaper or magazine again but so many of you are buying our Hen Party badges. We love making them and they normally make us laugh (although some are very rude indeed).

We have lots planned for the coming months at Koolbadges. We have already moved all our printing over to High res professional printing so our badges look better than ever. Fear not they are all still lovingly made by hand in our UK workshop using British sourced & manufactured components. We are really strong on this one & rather than buying hundreds of thousands of components from China and making low quality products, we insist on using high quality British made components which are somewhat more costly. This keeps us happy, our customers happy & our suppliers in business.

We where doing some sums & we reckon based on invoices that we have produced close to 500,000 button badges by hand since 2006. It makes us very proud & it’s also quite a dizzying statistic. That is a lot of work!

We also have a few announcements coming up in September including the launch of another business so keep an eye out for that. it’s a complimentary business so don’t worry, badges will still be our main focus.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of orders which have gone out this week. Remember if you need badges for a Stag or Hen party you should place an order quickly, especially while we are busy. Summer seems to be the season for Stag & hen party’s.

Also remember that we can make custom badges using any design or image. Simply upload your design and checkout online. We will then mail out your custom badges.

Thanks Guys

John & Vicki
The Koolbadges Workshop

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I am 34 year old Vicki Bruce & am one half of www.koolbadges.co.uk the other half is my husband John. Together we like to craft watch old movies & go camping oh & we love BADGES!

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